Why choose an ergonomic office chair?

Why choose an ergonomic office chair?

The major advantage of ergonomic chairs is that they can be perfectly adjusted to our morphology, which is not the case with traditional office chairs. Depending on the model, the mechanisms will not always be in the same places. Still, all ergonomic chairs offer more or less the same possibilities. The benefits for the back, leg fatigue and, in turn, the quality of work over the long term are undeniable.

In order to properly adjust your seat, your backrest and the other parts of the chair, we recommend that you sit on the bottom of the chair and keep your back in contact with the backrest to feel its surface.

The adjustment of the seat

It is important to adjust the height of the seat so that your legs are completely comfortable and relaxed so as not to create muscular tension. We recommend putting the chair in the highest position and then operating the mechanism (generally located on the right, under the seat) until you feel it is the ideal place.

You will feel it without any problem when your feet are flat on the ground, your legs relaxed, forming an angle of about 90°, and your thighs approximately parallel to the floor. If you lower the seat too much, you can repeat the operation. But, this time, stop the manipulation of the relevant lever just on the position that suits you.

Adjusting the depth of the seat is also important. It is ideal to keep a space between the inside of your knees and the end of the seat. If the seat rubs too hard, it will cut off blood circulation and cause you ants or even pain or discomfort. You can adjust the seat's inclination on some models, which is also a wise manipulation!

Adjustment of the backrest

This is done in two distinct steps: adjusting its height and inclination. To adjust the height of the backrest, there is usually a knob at the back. By unscrewing it, you can slide the backrest up and down and position it as it should be to support your back. It should follow the curve of your back perfectly - simply put, the hollow of your back should be filled by the "curve" of the backrest.

For reclining, use the appropriate mechanism to release the backrest and allow it to recline freely by putting the weight of your upper body on it. When you feel that you have found the ideal position, return the mechanism to the locking position. As in the car, note that we sometimes like to change this tilt a little as the day goes on, so don't hesitate to do it two or three times a day, or even more, if you feel some weariness.

Armrest adjustment

The armrests can be adjusted in width and height. For the width, ensure they are roughly in line with your shoulders, with about the same distance between them. As for their height, adjust the armrests so that when you rest on them, your arms form an angle of about 90°.


As you can see, purchasing an ergonomic chair will allow you to improve your comfort at work or when you are at your desk. However, finding the proper adjustment that will correspond to your morphology is essential. The virtues and benefits of the ergonomic chair are recognized and proven by studies, provided that it is adjusted as it should be.

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