What to do when your iPhone falls into the water?

What to do when your iPhone falls into the water?

Did your iPhone fall in the pool or toilet? Here's how to tell if it's been damaged and the procedures to follow to dry it safely.

The iPhone 7 to XS are resistant to accidental spills of common liquids (water, soda, juice, etc.), says the Apple site. These models are in principle capable of withstanding 30 minutes underwater at a depth of one meter. However, this resistance is not permanent and may decrease over time. Apple advises against intentionally submerging the iPhone or subjecting it to a shower or water pressure.

Risk of corrosion of electronic components

Indeed, water and electronics do not mix well: corrosion affects the graphic connectors surrounding the components. The longer water stays in contact with the electronic components, the greater the damage.

Apple equipped iPhones with liquid contact indicators (LCI) visible from the outside of the device. When this indicator turns red, it means that it has been damaged and will have to be repaired. If the indicator is gray, it means that the humidity level has remained acceptable.

Never use the iPhone when it is wet

The objective is to dry the phone as soon as possible. Do not use it in the meantime, even if it seems to be working normally. Do not try to charge it or connect it to an accessory.

The first step is to turn off the phone or force it to shut down by holding down the power and volume buttons.

Then follow these instructions:

  • if liquid other than water has splashed onto the iPhone, rinse the affected area with tap water;
  • wipe the phone with a lint-free cloth (e.g., eyeglass cloth);
  • open the SIM card holder and remove it;
  • hold the phone by the top and dab it with the Lightning connector facing down to remove as much water as possible;
  • place the iPhone in a dry, well-ventilated area with a fan directed directly into the Lightning connector;
  • do not heat the phone (for example, with a hairdryer) because the heat is harmful to the electronic components.
  • do not dip the phone in rice, as some Internet users recommend: this is totally ineffective.

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