DIY - 5 good reasons to get into do it yourself zone

DIY - 5 good reasons to get into do it yourself zone

The Do It Yourself market continues, year after year, to flourish with sales globally still increasing, considering all departments: heating, insulation, flooring, wood, paint, electricity, decoration. This craze for DIY does not seem to stop and to better understand why, it is enough to analyze the reasons that justify starting DIY.

Save money by doing-it-yourself

The financial argument inevitably comes at the top of the reasons that motivate the French to start DIY since they save the labor part of an invoice that would be presented to them by a craftsman. And today, savings are also made via e-commerce, which is gaining more and more shares on the DIY market, often offering particularly attractive prices on materials, tools, etc.

In addition, DIY is part of a form of circular economy in which rather than throwing away and increasing the amount of environmentally harmful waste to be processed, we work to recycle, repair and re-commission at a lower cost.

Do-it-yourself for fun and relaxation

Today, DIY has become a kind of hobby in the same way that some people go golfing or go for a walk in the woods. The fact of devoting itself to an activity of carpentry, painting or masonry makes it possible to think of something else, to leave aside the worries of everyday life or the work, just like a sporting activity does. One spends oneself through this DIY activity, without counting, according to the same springs as in sports.

Proving your abilities through DIY

Undertaking a do-it-yourself project must be done to the extent of one's knowledge and, if necessary, one must enrich it. To carry out and complete a self-made project allows you to feel good about yourself, to be proud of yourself and to show or reassure yourself about your own manual skills.

Self-confidence is a strength and showing it allows you to be better in your daily life, in your relationships with others and, why not, to avoid a few sessions with a shrink!

Imagining and creating through DIY

DIY (Do it yourself) has been in vogue for several years now because DIY also touches on decoration: homemade allows you to show off to others but also offers the possibility to let the creative spirit that lies dormant in each one of us or to the frustrated artist that we can be.

Imagining, innovating, testing, daring, and then shining with your audacity and your informed eye only brings happiness and intense personal satisfaction!

Gender equality among handymen

Do-it-yourself is not just a man's thing; more and more women are getting into DIY. Although decorating and gardening remain their favorite domains, they are interested in manual work intended to improve their homes, usually in tandem with men: the caricature of strength against aesthetics is a bit excessive, however, DIY allows to show the indispensable complementarity between women and men in the conduct of a DIY project.

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